This website presents research from The Pan’s People Papers, a project by Marisa Zanotti and Lea Anderson responding to the work of choreographer Flick Colby and the seminal 1970’s dance group Pan’s People. The project presents ‘papers’ in different mediums and might be thought of as a kind of ‘cultural enquiry’ into events at the BBC in the 1970s. We invite you to explore the four landing pages to reveal different facets of The Pan’s People Papers through writing, animations, visual reference points and screen dances. There are also links to performances by Pan’s People and reconstructions of Colby’s You Little Trustmaker (1974)


Thanks to Cath James, Kyla Booth-Lucking, Cathy Childs and The University of Chichester Dance Department, Trinity Laban, Greenwich Dance Agency, David White, Ian Hornsby, Jay Cloth, 75A.