Ballantyne, Ian

Ian is Senior Editor and Colourist at He is a Colourist Specialist in online finishing, with extensive experience of compositing, grading, and the post-production of titles, stings, promos, and commercials. Ian is BBC trained with 20 years experience of offline and online editing in independent facilities. Specialisms: Picture grading on Autodesk Lustre. 4K, 2K, and HDtv. Online editing on Avid Symphony Nitris HD. Compositing and VFX on Autodesk Flame Premium with Smoke. He was Senior Editor at Arc Facilities, Glasgow responsible for online editing for broadcast, corporate, television, film and video, Colourist and SFX. He was Senior Editor at Scope and 2004 Videotape Editor at Scottish Television and a Graduate Engineer at the BBC. Ian’s specialisms are in BroadcastTelevision, CommercialsFilm, Feature Films, Compositing, Avid, Avid Media Composer, Editing, Media Production, HD Video Producing, Film Production.