INTRODUCTION: The Glossary works in two ways, in this column you can discover the project’s mix of of fact, fiction and Greek myth. On the right hand side is a record of social media exchanges between a fictional choreographer Pan15 and his followers; a story of choreographic misadventure, bad rehearsals and late night postings. You will find adverts from the fictional multi-national Pan Global, including perfume, holidays and also Trolling Cards for that special someone. This feed is part of an online work for Brighton Digital Festival (2015) that took place in real time over three days on Facebook and Twitter. The work, the first paper A Legion of Echoes was commissioned by South East Dance.
A Legion of Echoes: The first Pan’s People Papers: This online work was part of Brighton Digital Festival (2015) and took place in real time over three days on Facebook and Twitter. See also Glamour and Salvage
Affect Sensitivity Syndrome: Heightened affective empathetic response leading to acute sensitivity to choreography resulting in the sufferer incurring phantom injuries when watching dance performances.
All That Jazz: The title of the 1979 semi-autobiographical film written and directed by Bob Fosse. It is thought that Dionysus tweet to Pan15 get a grip All That Jazz alludes to Pan15s abuse of the party drug Danz. In All That Jazz the choreographer Joe Gideon’s prodigious drug use causes him to hallucinate.
Alexander, Harry: Historical Reconstruction Expert
Anchor: In network television the terms denotes a newscaster who will be deemed the reliable source, she embodies a network’s values. At an occult level the TV anchor becomes a nexial point of magical energies. Pan Global’s announcement of Lorraine Kelly as anchor for their twice-daily predictions broadcast was a source of controversy. More controversial still was Kelly’s sudden withdrawal from the role rumoured to be linked to the Ballet Mistress prophecy ‘I sense this won’t go well for her'
Anderson, Lea: Choreographer for PAN Global.
Apollo: Son of Zeus. One of a list of gods and demi gods the Ballet Mistress believes to have lain with Echo. Also: 1928 Ballet by George Balanchine. Apollo instructs the three muses Caliope, Terpsichore and Polyhmnia in their arts. The ballet is cited by The Ballet Mistress: 'tough social realism I know' See also Navarre Blixen’s YouTube channel.
Aphrodite: Adopted daughter of Zeus, Aphrodite usually thought of as the ‘goddess of love’. Robert Graves (2011:72) however gives us a more complex portrait of her pointing out that as Goddess of Death-in-Life she ‘earned many titles which seem inconsistent with her beauty and complaisance’. He reveals her as Aphrodite Urania the nymph goddess of midsummer, Graves tells us of her queen bee behaviours and that she tore out the sex organs of the sacred kind who mates with her on the mountain top ‘as a queen bee destroys the drone’ (Graves:2011:72). Thus it is through Beyoncé she speaks rather than Kylie. See also Wonder Woman in her satin tights, fighting for your rights.
Aphrodite She’s Alrighty: A slogan that failed to become popular as part of the suppressed prophecy is not enough movement.
Arcadia: PAN Global owned venue where Wednesday night Riot club is held.
ARD Arregular Rehearsal Dysphasia: A form of what Douglas Rushkoff (Rushkoff:2013:1059) might describe as digiphreniac behaviour whereby a choreographer’s social media feeds collapse exterior and interior states. This collapse revealing conflicting realities. The Ballet Mistress was sent evidence of high tension in and outside the rehearsal room that suggests that Pan’s relationship to his dancers was not always professional. Pan15s feed shows clear signs of ARD in this sequence.
Artemis: Daughter of Zeus.
Ayoyama, Makiko: Historical Reconstruction Expert.
Bacchanal: Originating in the spread of the vine cult in Greece and the rites of Dionysus the Roman word Bacchanal refers to wild rites, orgies with ecstatic elements and sometimes sacrifices of humans or animals. Donna Tartt's 1992 book The Secret History describes a Bacchanal. “It was heart-shaking. Glorious. Torches, dizziness, singing. Wolves howling around us and a bull bellowing in the dark. The river ran white. It was like a film in fast motion, the moon waxing and waning, clouds rushing across the sky. Vines grew from the ground so fast they twined up the trees like snakes; seasons passing in the wink of an eye, entire years for all I know… I mean we think of phenomenal change as being the very essence of time, when it’s not at all. Time is something which defies spring and winter, birth and decay, the good and the bad, indifferently. Something changeless and joyous and absolutely indestructible. Duality ceases to exist; there is no ego, no “I”… as if the universe expands to fill the boundary of the self.” Other examples of modern day Bacchanals might include the 1990s rave cults and the chem sex parties of 2000s.
Ballantyne, Ian: Editor, longstanding senior employee of PAN Global Media.
Ballet Mistress: Suddenly finding herself with the gift of predictive gesture, a power she struggled to control The Ballet Mistress was chosen as PAN Global’s anchor after the sudden departure of Lorraine Kelly. Questions arise as to the Ballet Mistress role in the story of Pan15 and Echo, some doubt her as a true seer and endow her with a more sinister role in relation to the global multi-national.
BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation. Public service broadcaster famed for innovative use of sigil magic in broadcasts.
Beard, Mary: Eminent scholar, Beard is Professor of Classics at University of Cambridge. See Echo and Mary Beard on The Public Voice of Women.
Black, Mhairi: The youngest member of the UK parliament in 2016, her maiden speech was viewed 10 million times on social media within five days of its delivery.
Blake, Steve: Composer, PAN Global musical director.
Clarke, Gary: Historical Reconstruction Expert.
Colby, Flick (1947–2011): Choreographer Flick Colby might be thought of as one of the unsung heroines of screendance in the UK. The Pan’s People autobiography Our Story (Dickins, Lord, Pearson, Wilde:2013) details Colby’s work with Pan’s People, however her significance as a director of camera in screendance should not be underestimated. Essay: Glamour and Slavage
Correction and reconstruction: One of the archival processes employed by PAN Global researcher Lea Anderson whereby the dances of the 1970s group Pan’s People are read as flawed documents, in need of correction by experts in historical reconstructions. These reconstructions are then filmed, Anderson says this of the reconstruction process. 'I had been reading a lot about the kind of work dance historians had done and the assumptions and the rule and the things they had deduced from their studies. And also watching reconstructions of dance from scores and music and how reconstructions of things become all about somebody’s idea of somebody’s idea about what it should be or what it was or what was the truth of it. And sometimes they lose something of the life, it becomes so dry. So I was trying to use all the clues reconstruct something and then try and make a jump with that to what I though could become a living piece of work.' Essay: Glamour and Slavage
Crazed Mob of Angry Feminists: Term used to describe more than two women voicing dissent in a public place.
Danse: A deliriant party drug sometimes called ‘dancing shoes’ also available as a legal high Danz. In the first phase Danse/Danz mimics the effects of ecstasy this is followed by second euphoric ‘enchainement’ phase where Danse/Danz generates what users enjoy as ‘somatic hallucinations’ ‘My spine is a tree whose branches are growing out into the space’. See also Ideochimeriac Syndrome. Prolonged use over a period of years is not uncommon and can cause sleep disorders. Danz is the subject of a PAN Global anti-drugs campaign although there is speculation that PAN Global are also manufacturers of strains of Danz.
Dew Gatherers, The: Nymph staffed café owned by PAN Global.
Dionysus: The original party boy, amoral Dionysus describes his interests on Twitter as: dancing, grape harvest, winemaking, ritual madness, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy. Often wrongly confused with Pan, Dionysus is another proposition altogether, dual natured appearing as both boy and girl the god spreads both joy and terror in equal measure. Echo however tells it differently: Dionysus FYI those 'drunken' maenads at your boring Bacchanals are all faking it. BTW your mum pays them to go. Dionysus was not implicated in Echo’s disappearance #shereallyfanciesme.
Diva Demands: A series of unreasonable or unnecessarily complex conditions required for an action to take place. The dancer Echo quotes Artemis’ sequence of demands (Graves:2011:83) in a playful online exchange with choreographer Pan when asked if she wants a coffee. Get you Artemis. Diva Demands The phrase came back into usage in the 1980s in relation to Mariah Carey, it is sometimes used in the workplace to describe a woman asking for equal pay.
Dorian age wrongs: Prior to the Dorian age women had been the dominant sex however with the invasion of the Doric people came a new age that established men as superior, the worship of Zeus took over and women were left without their magical powers.
Duggan, Kath: Historical Reconstruction Expert.
Echo: Nymph of the forest. Echo was cursed so she could only use her voice in repetition of what she heard. Echo reportedly died of love for Narcissus leaving behind only her voice. However @dance_echo‘s twitter feed suggests that while she might have been briefly in love with Narcissus she quickly lost interest loves himself. Pan claimed to have seduced Echo (Graves:2011:101) @dance_echo however described this as a sexual assault. Echo was sometimes known as ‘the lairy nymph’ and her disappearance from Twitter is also linked to rumours of her being leader of the anti-establishment movement Prophecy is Not Enough. See Anne Emmanuelle Berger The Latest Word From Echo for a feminist reading of Echo in literary works and also Mary Beard on The Public Voice of Women.
Echo In Space: A mysterious document appearing to be from a liminal parallel world that Echo enters following her disappearance from social media. She is shown rehearsing The Echo Show in a venue that mirrors The Woods. It is In Space that Echo appears to be rehearsing a Busby Berkeley styled spectacular that clearly employs glamour techniques. Echo in Space however must be noted was posted by The Ballet Mistress and links to PAN Global in Echo’s disappearance cannot be discounted.
Edmunds, Becky: PAN Global media worker: Director of Photography.
Faun: Mythical creature, half man-half goat related to the Greek satyrs see also Nijinsky’s L’Apres Midi D’un Faune (1912), Jerome Robbins Ballet Afternoon of a Faun (1953).
Get In The Sea: Sweary twitterfeed of ideas, things and people that belong in the sea, the recommendations are often toward pretentious behaviour hence Echo’s message to Pan15 #getinthesea Pan.
Glamour: Coming from the scots Glamer. A glamour spell affects the eyes, the spell serves to make something appear different to what it is, glamer spells can manifest as a haze in the air or in other kinds of optical trickery. Glamour spells were employed in the 1970s by the BBC throughout the live broadcasts Top of The Pops. Glamour and Salvage
Graves, Robert: (1895-1985) was a poet, novelist, mythographer, critic and historian. Probably best known as the author of I, Claudius, and Claudius the God and as a survivor and poet of the Great War, he is one of the great figures of 20th Century English Poetry and Literature.
Ideochimeriac Attacks: Examples of Greek pottery have been found depicting warriors appearing to slay the Chimera (or Chimeara) a horrific hybrid creature. New evidence leads us to the inevitable conclusion that these ‘warriors’ were in fact dancers, the message hidden in the design refers to Ideochimeriac Attacks: that is the clumsy use of ideokinetic techniques that produces nightmarish hybrid dance bodies: 'Breathe through your enormous trunk allow your tail to grow long and heavy as a flock of small glittering birds swoop through the spaces between your ribs: the big paws open to the earth and your horns curl round.'
Jeffery, Dean: Pan Global Media operative.
Joyandtheterror: The twitter ID of Dionysus originating in his dual nature.
Lorraine Kelly: Celtic Goddess of the Morning.
Lost Tweets, The: In 2016 Wikileaks published a damaged and incomplete PAN Global file. This file comprises evidence of surveillance on Echo and the suppressed Prophecy Is Not Enough movement, including some Predictive Tweets.
Maenads: Tatooed women who followed Dionysus, taking part in closed drunken rites to free themselves from everyday experience. Their ecstatic dances predict the madness of Giselle in the Romantic ballet of the same name (see Heinrich Von Kleist in Dance of the Self (2006)).
Men of the Fields: A shadowy movement often attributed as being the source of civil unrest and criminal behaviour, usually but not exclusively, against the state. The Men of The Fields were directly implicated in the trolling cards appearing on Echo’s social media. Some see The Men of The Fields as the precursors to Anonymous Trolling Cards.
Mythics: Club night mainly popular with Nymphs. According to Pan the site of Pan and Echo falling in love. Resident DJ Morphamish.
Nymph: In mythic times nymphs were the spirits of earth, air and water and often tied to a specific place. Nymphs lived outside the rules of mortal society and could mate with gods or mortals, men or women. However they were often subject to the attentions of gods and demi gods in sex acts including non consensual sex – #Can’t believe you let her get away Apollo. See: Rubens, Diana and Her Nymphs Surprised by Fauns, Govaerts, A Nymph and A Satyr, and many other representations of sexual assaults by male painters.
Nymph (Perfume): Nymphs inspired the first perfume by Pan Global Nymph is still available via the PAN Global website. Rumoured to be created by renowned parfumier JCEclaude Elena Nymph was reviewed on influential perfume blog Bois De Scentes: 'An evanescent sparkling accord that initially calls from afar, there is something that smells like dew on sunlit fern, the only water element in this elegant composition. The fragrance opens up to a fresh violet, sensuous oak moss and then deepens down with dry woods, mushrooms broken at the stalk, and finally a surprising lingering musk, it’s not what you expect but it’s most definitely there. Unforgettable. A classic in waiting.'
Odd, Mabel T.: Reclusive animator and long-standing employee of PAN Global.
Ooi, Inpang: Historical Reconstruction Expert.
Pan: Despite being a god Pan lives on earth. He can cause ‘Panic’ a madness Pan is, a god of riot and party, a god of dancing and sex, half goat, half man. There is evidence predominantly in paintings of Pan and other satyr’s in their pursuit, assault and rape of nymphs. Pan is sometimes confused with Dionysus.
Pan15: Independent choreographer. His show Revels sold out The Woods. Analyses of Pan’s feed point to ARD and extensive use of Danz. Pan’s mother was Penelope, the Ballet Mistress suggests that his father could have been one of Penelope’s many suitors although Ballet Mistress’ work with the oracle in this regard is dubious. The dancer Echo in a series of facebook posts claimed that Pan15 assaulted her after a night at Mythics nightclub. She was subsequently subject to online abuse in the form of hundreds of Trolling Cards, only some examples of these remain in circulation. Pan15 denied the accusations of assault. A series of mysterious status updates on Pan’s feed however suggest his direct involvement in the disappearance of the nymph from social media and in fact a darker story.
Pan’s People: The role of Pans People on the music programme Top Of The Pops between 1968–1976 was to present a choreographic adaptation of a record that was moving upward in the UK charts that week, by an artist who was unable to appear live in the studio. This was before the invention of the video promo. Choreographer Flick Colby directed camera and choreography however never chose the records she choreographed, sometimes they were changed on the day of broadcast. This resulted in a mixture of well-prepared complex work, conceived as camera-choreography and importantly in relation to in-camera techniques and vision mixing (There were also some disconnected pieces, where the music and the dance form an unusual or less sophisticated relationship with more static camerawork such as Do You Wanna Dance? (1973)). Essay: Glamour and Slavage
PAN Global: Global multinational. Evidence of PAN Global is found in early drafts of Robert Graves Greek Myths. Thought to be the oldest multinational PAN Global’s interests include banking, entertainment, luxury goods, oil and mining. PAN Global’s news channel screens worldwide however the company has shares in several media conglomerates and is rumoured to have infiltrated the BBC.
Potter, Lauren: Historical Reconstruction Expert.
Pinder, Francesca: PAN Global researcher into the erotic dances of stripper Adonis. See Aphrodite: Goddess Gone Wrong
Predictive Gesture: Given as a gift from Mount Olympus to a blind seer through which the oracle speaks. The origins of the predictive gestural language in A Legion of Echoes are ancient. The notebooks of Lea Anderson locate traces of predictive gesture in John Bullwer’s 1644 publications Chirologia: or the Natural Language of the Hand and Chironomia or The Art of Manual Rhetoric.
#prophecyisnotenough: Outside of tweets recovered from Echo’s feed in a PAN Global File little evidence of remains of this early protest movement. Women used social media to rail against the removal of women’s magical powers by Zeus following an attempted coup by Queen Hera. The group’s online protest is thought to have been silenced by PAN Global.
Revels: Show by Pan15.
Riot: Hardcore techno club. Popular with Satyrs and Maenads, for whom mentasm riffs had a special significance in relation to entry into ecstatic states. Resident DJ: Joey Beltram.
Rowlands, Natalie: PAN Global Media operative specialising in Conducttr support.
Savile, Jimmy: Presenter of weekly BBC programme Top Of The Pops 1964–2006, dance hall manager and charity fundraiser estimated to have raised 40 million pounds for charity in his lifetime. Savile had strong links with establishment institutions and figures including prime minister Margaret Thatcher. He died in 2011 and was subsequently revealed as a serial sex offender. 450 allegations of sexual abuse by him of male and female victims whose ages ranged from 8 to 47 of were investigated by UK police of a period of abuse from 1955 to 2009.
Sheree the Leopard Girl: A regular at Riot. Sometimes known as the Tiger Girl, documents of the erotic dances of Sheree can be found in The Preminger Archives
Trolling Cards: Curse manifesting on social media feeds often used to silence the user. PAN Global released this statement after 1000 cards appeared on the nymph Echos feed.
Vincenzi, Simon: Costume Designer and Graphic Design for PAN Global products.
Watts, Cecilia: Historical Reconstruction Expert.
Woods, The: PAN Global venue, hosts clubs, dance performances and small-middle scale rites and sacrifices.
Yavroyan, Chahine: Resident Lighting Designer at The Woods.
Zanotti, Marisa: Writer and Director for PAN Global.
Zeus: King of the gods. Graves tells us that after an attempted coup by his wife Hera, Zeus stripped women of their magical powers leaving them only prophecy.

Alleged coup by Hera! King Zeus has stripped women of magical powers leaving only prophecy @southeastdance @Pan_Chor_15

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